FLT Verification Standards for Addiction Treatment Providers

1. Compliance

One of the most important aspects of verification is ensuring the applicant is appropriately registered with local, state, and federal licensing bodies for addiction treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, meeting all requirements by the applicant’s state alcohol and drug boards and federal substance abuse and mental health agencies.

2. Entity Registration

Applicant must be registered and licensed to conduct business in the jurisdiction and state that they operate in. All records must be up to date with the appropriate state office.

3. Staff Qualifications

Connecting patients to providers that are qualified to provide addiction treatment is essential. Applicant must provide names of leadership personnel and treatment professionals, along with qualifying credentials, to ensure staff are trained to provide addiction treatment.

4. Treatment Modalities

Applicants must specify treatment modalities, and pharmacological treatments for addiction treatment, such as MAT (medically-assisted treatment). For those that offer MAT, only drugs that are approved by state and federal regulators such as the FDA qualify for the verification at this time.

Over time, new treatments and evidence-based practices will be approved and recommended by state and federal authorities. Currently, only applicants who provide evidence-based treatment practices will qualify.

5. Website Content

Website content must be consistent with services and treatments provided by the applicant. Website must disclose facility locations and include a clear way to contact the applicant. Websites that are run by third parties, redirect to other domains, or purport false services or statistics, are ineligible for verification.

6. Proof of Professional Setting

Quality of care begins with where that care takes place. Applicant must provide addiction treatment services in a professional and clinically safe environment. Privately owned residences do not qualify as professional settings. Applicants must provide documents that prove ownership or lease agreements for each physical location.

7. Applicant Background

Reputation matters. Applicants must pass a complete background check conducted at FLT’s request. Any violations, complaints, or litigations - criminal, regulatory, or civil - must be reported to FLT, and may be grounds for disqualification. Policies and processes of conducting background checks of staff members must also be disclosed to FLT. We do not allow any applicant or any other business under the applicant's control that is listed on HHS’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities within the last ten years.

8. Patient Insurance Coverage

Knowing which insurances an applicant accepts is crucial to connecting patients to providers. It helps patients and clinicians evaluate options based on cost and affordability. Applicant must provide and maintain accurate insurance options to maintain eligibility for verification.

9. Applicant Insurance

Applicant must have proof of insurance to operate an addiction treatment facility or service.

10. Transparent Business Practices

Communities deserve transparency, and our verification reflects that. There is a zero tolerance policy on any practices that are deceitful or defraud patients, health-care providers, or the public in any way. Marketing materials that promise “fast cures” or “guaranteed sobriety” will result in immediate denial.

11. On-Site Inspections

Applicants must agree to allow FLT staff or hospital partners access to the facility for inspections.

12. Marketing Practices

Applicant must disclose their marketing practices and relationships with third parties that enable their marketing efforts. Any applicant that conducts illegal or untruthful marketing practices will result in immediate disqualification.

13. Phone Responsiveness

Applicant must consistently answer phone calls during specified business hours. Calls must be routed to a business number belonging to the organization, not to a personal cell phone or a shared hotline. Any evidence of re-routing calls to an unrelated organization will result in immediate disqualification.

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