FLT Addiction Treatment Verification

FLT verification makes your addiction treatment facility a trusted referral option for major emergency departments throughout Ohio.

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Why get FLT verified?

Become a trusted partner to your local ED

When referring a patient to addiction treatment, hospital staff need answers to questions like:

  • Which treatment providers can I trust?
  • Which facilities accept this patient's insurance?
  • Which facilities are open and accepting patients?
  • Which facilities treat this patient's co-occuring disorders?

Hospitals use FLT to quickly answer these questions and connect the patient to quality care. By becoming FLT verified, you gain the trust of our partner hospitals.

Be an option for tens of thousands of referrals

When you become FLT verified, you automatically appear as a referral option inside all of our partner hospitals.

Thousands of patients with SUDs enter our partner hospitals every month. When a patient requires long-term addiction treatment, our partner hospitals refer to FLT verified facilities.

Broadcast real-time information to EDs and your community

For the first time, quality addiction treatment providers have an easy way to broadcast crucial information in real time:

  • Do you have room for more patients?
  • What insurance plans do you accept?
  • Which co-occuring disorders do you treat?
  • Which MAT medications do you prescribe?
  • Do you accept pregnant females?

FLT makes it simple to keep this information up-to-date. By joining FLT, you will make it easier for ED patients and members of the community to connect with your facility based on their specific needs.

Any time there is an interruption or delay in getting treatment, success rates diminish. FLT is a way to fill that gap so patients can quickly get connected to services.
Craig Albers
President - Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital

How It Works

When you submit your facility for verification, we will conduct a review of your services offered, accepted insurances, and more. Once approved, FLT makes it easy to keep your information up-to-date and establishes your facility as a trusted referral option in our partner hospitals.

If you are an Addiction Treatment Provider:

  1. You can click here to apply for FLT Verification
  2. Verification is required by our partner emergency departments. Once you are verified, you will be eligible to be a trusted partner to these hospitals.
  3. Ongoing verification is critical and required to remain as a trusted treatment option.

We only accept applications from addiction treatment providers offering evidence-based, clinical treatment programs. Recovery residences and “half-way” homes do not qualify at this time.

We are committed to ensuring that those suffering from the disease of addiction, are connected to quality evidence-based treatment. We understand the importance of patient-specific approaches to treat substance use treatment, and are committed to developing robust standards for different evidence-based treatment approaches with the guidance of our health-care partners, and an advisory board of the foremost addiction treatment thought leaders and practitioners in the country.

If you have questions about whether or not your facility is eligible to apply, please email us at hq@findlocaltreatment.com.