Frequently Asked Questions

Is FindLocalTreatment free for patients and families?

FindLocalTreatment is 100% free for patients and families, and always will be. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the treatment provider that’s right for you.

How much will my treatment program cost?

That’s a great question to discuss directly with your treatment provider or insurance company! If you have any questions regarding the cost of your treatment, we encourage you to give them a call.

If I match to a specific facility, does that mean I will definitely get admitted?

When you reach out to a facility that you qualify for, they will work with you to give you an assessment. This helps them (and you) understand what treatment program is best for you given your needs and current schedule.

I called a number listed, and no one answered. What now?

We’re very sorry you had that experience. Please send an email to to tell us who you called, and we’ll follow-up with the provider immediately to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

We do our best to make sure that information on the platform is 100% accurate. All information is provided by the facility themselves, and we do everything we can to make sure they keep their information up to date. But if there was an error, please let us know and we will do a full investigation.

Is FindLocalTreatment available in my area? If not, when will it be?

Currently, FindLocalTreatment serves the Greater Cincinnati (OH) area. We’re expanding quickly throughout the state and will continue expanding our service to new cities and towns that need our service.

Is FindLocalTreatment a healthcare provider?

FindLocalTreatment does not offer medical services of any kind. If you have a question related to your health, please consult your physician.

Can every addiction treatment provider join FindLocalTreatment?

No. Only addiction treatment providers who pass our rigorous qualification process can join FindLocalTreatment.

Providers must be licensed and/or accredited nationally and at the state level, be in good standing with their state boards, have treatment protocols that are reviewed by our team, and meet a number of other guidelines. Our team verifies this information and allows providers to submit these required documents to us before allowing a provider to join our platform.

We work hard to create systems to ensure that you can you can trust the providers on this platform and have the best experience possible.

This means keeping providers accountable with the services and phone numbers they list.

How do we decide which facilities can appear in the search results?

Our primary goal is to only show quality addiction treatment options for those searching for help. To that end, we are strict about which facilities we decide to allow on.

To appear in our results, a facility must:

  • Be licensed & certified by the state it operates in OR accredited by a national accreditation body like CARF or The Joint Commission.
  • Be in good standing with state boards
  • Have staff with appropriate medical qualifications
  • Offer evidence-based treatment practices
  • Generally satisfy the SAMHSA Five Signs of Quality Treatment

Does everyone in the results pay to appear?

Yes. To appear on our website, a treatment provider must be a FindLocalTreatment member. Members must meet our strict criteria and pay an annual fee. The annual fee helps us invest in a sustainable future and expand to new areas that need accurate treatment info.

How are the results ranked?

When deciding which facilities to show first, we take the following factors into account:

  • Matches your insurance
  • Matches your specific treatment needs (drug type, level of care, etc.)
  • Within a reasonable driving distance
  • Is currently open for a call or visit

We also favor facilities that have recently updated their information so we can be sure that we are providing accurate information.

When would we exclude a facility from the search results?

We exclude a facility when they don’t satisfy our standards of quality criteria or they decide not to be a FindLocalTreatment member. We may also exclude facilities that are reported for inaccurate or false information.

I love what you’re doing at FindLocalTreatment - how can I help spread the word?

We’re glad to hear that. If you want to get involved, or if you’re a journalist or news outlet interested in covering us, send us an email at We love sharing our story, and helping spread the word.

How does FindLocalTreatment make money?

We’re focused on building a sustainable solution so we can continue innovating and delivering the best possible experience to you.

Addiction treatment providers who partner with FindLocalTreatment pay a membership fee for FindLocalTreatment’s service. We help providers increase the efficiency of their practices, market their services and availability to the public, and connect them with patients like you.

I’m a health system, and I want to integrate FindLocalTreatment in my workflows - how do we make this happen?

We have worked with some of the largest health systems in the US to integrate this into their emergency department workflows. We would love to work with you too, so reach out to us at, and we’ll get in touch.

How can I get in touch with you?

For any general or business development, or legal inquiries, please e-mail us at

**If you are experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or a local emergency number immediately.**