About Us

Our Mission

To help people find and connect with addiction treatment providers.

Why We're Doing It

When our founder returned to his hometown in Ohio, he saw first-hand the devastation the drug epidemic was having on his community.

He listened to stories from patients and families about their difficulties in finding an addiction treatment provider that could accept them.

Information about treatment providers is constantly changing.

People rely on paper guides and call centers to find treatment. But these resources are out of date the moment a facility changes their insurance, availability, or treatment options.

It's critical to have a platform that reflects these changes in real time.

Without it, would-be patients will continue to struggle with inaccurate info and guesswork while trying to find treatment.

Nearly 21 million Americans struggle with substance addictions. And of those, only 10% of those battling addiction ever receive any sort of treatment.

Without treatment, addiction will continue to devastate the lives of individuals, families, and countless others. That’s why we built FindLocalTreatment.

How We're Doing It

We’re creating the most accurate database of treatment options in our community.

The challenge isn’t to make this list. It’s to keep it updated.

This is where existing treatment databases and guides fail.

Over 90% of treatment providers on FindLocalTreatment update their information every day.

We’ve created a platform that remains up-to-date and shows who is accepting new patients.

When a patient is ready for treatment, they shouldn’t have to make numerous phone calls or hope a provider is accepting patients. They should search once, and that’s it.

Building a Better Future, Together.

We’ve helped thousands of individuals in the Greater Cincinnati area connect to treatment providers.

And this is just the beginning.

The addiction treatment industry is notoriously opaque. Help lines that route calls to sponsored treatment providers, misreported statistics on treatment outcomes, and little accountability make finding addiction treatment extremely difficult.

Which treatment provider has a good reputation? Who follows evidence-based treatment practices and who doesn’t?

This is what we’re up against.

We believe in building a world where you can make an informed decision about choosing a treatment provider. We believe in building a world where you are treated with compassion and care, and providers are held accountable. We believe in building a world where finding a treatment provider you can trust takes minutes, not months.

It’s an audacious goal, and a necessary one.

As a team, we work everyday to learn, to listen, and to improve so we can create the world you deserve. And we won’t rest until we do.

That’s our promise to you.

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